About Us

Welcome to Inspira:Cosmetics Australia

Inspira:Cosmetics was founded in Aachen, Germany in 2000, with the aim to produce high quality, modern skincare products for individuals.

Innovation is at the core of Inspira:Cosmetics as they work tirelessly with several leading research laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, and other EU countries, to produce and develop excellent and highly effective products.

The individual experience is very important to Inspira:Cosmetics, so they have created a range of personal products designed to be used at home. This individual experience can then be further extended to the salon, as Inspira:Cosmetics also produces a range of salon only products and treatments that allow for a more extensive skincare treatment.

Inspira:Cosmetics products are produced by the leading laboratories in Europe using a combination of natural, raw materials, and bio-technologically produced raw materials. Their aim is to create products that produce maximum impact, that are as natural as possible. All Inspira:Cosmetics products are manufactured to the highest production standards, and undergo constant quality controls, including; stability tests, proof of efficacy, and dermatological tests.

Do you own a beauty salon?

Inspira:Cosmetics have a dedicated product range for both retail and wholesale clients. If you would like to become a wholesale client just head over to our Contact Us page and follow the instructions, we will have your account set up in no time!

Inspira:Cosmetics and you

Inspira:Cosmetics products are now available in Australia to both the retail and wholesale markets. If you own a beauty salon or spa and would like more information about Inspira:Cosmetics, and stocking our products, please get in touch today!